The children at Rounders have been busy painting some amazing designs on rocks to take home and keep or hide as part of the North LS Rocks initiative. Some of the rocks will be hidden around Oakwood and Roundhay for other people to find. Please let us know if you find any.

If you find a rock, you can:

  • Keep it, take it home with you
  • Leave it in place for others to come across
  • Hide it in a new place for people to find

When you find a painted rock, please do bring it into Rounders and let everyone know you found one.

To paint a rock:

1) Find a smooth, clear rock suitable to paint on.

2) Paint your own design onto the rock using acrylic paints.

3) Once you have painted your rock, wait for it to dry completely.

4) Cover the dry, painted rock in polish so that the paint doesn't wash off.

5) Now you have painted and polished your rock you are ready to snap a pic and hide it for someone to find. ;)