Recently at Rounders Out Of School Club we have been cooking and icing little biscuits that we can take home and give as a gift or eat ourselves (most of us eat it ourselves). First, one of the staff members makes the coloured icing, then we put it into bowls so that all of the children can decorate them as they like with sprinkles and little chocolate stars.  After that, you can design your own label to tie to the bag. My last label said: Ruby is greedy so do not touch... or else!

Written by: Ruby Dudleston yr5

We also do lots of arts and crafts, the one I have most enjoyed so far is where we cut out hands and wrote massages to the world on them. Some said 'Never give up' where as others said 'True friends are like gold dust, rare and precious.' My other favourite activity is where you dip a canvas in paints and water which creates a marble picture and we can either put them on the Rounders display, which changes all the time, or you can take them home.

Also written by: Ruby Dudleston yr5

As you can probably guess these activities and many more bring friendships together and help staff and children bond. The variety helps unlock new potential, skills and ability. [Ruby]

Every week we have one subject that we learn about, in the past there has been: recipes, road safety, germs, how to wash our hands properly and many more. We are especially proud of our 'Rounders Cook Book'. Everyone has found some family recipes or recipes that are yummy and we have written them all in our cook book. Now we have a varied range of fun things to make in any situation. So if you need a new meal or treat ideas then have a peek inside our book.

Once again, written by: Ruby Dudleston yr5