Rounders' New Initiatives
From Easter Onwards

1. Extended Breakfast Menu

2. Expanded Snack Menu

3. Larger portions and crockery for year 5 & 6

4. School will be decluttering and rethinking the room settings for Rounders which will hopefully provide us with more usable space and storage solutions

5. An additional coat & bag rail to make home time easier, swifter and more systematic

6. Staff will point out our notice board [it's on the wall where parents sign in] and we'll be using it more to inform parents about acitivities, resources, food and news

7. New morning club hours;

  • 7.50am to the start of school
  • Afternoon sessions continue between the hours of;

    • 3.15pm to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday
    • 3.15pm to 5.30pm Friday
    • each weekday during school term time, excluding training days

    8. We have plenty of ideas, suggestions and options for new resources and activity plans - we're replenishing present resources and buying new ones - we'll be informing parents via the website and notice board

    9. To help manage space more effectively we're looking at buying a Summerhouse

    10. We will host a bi-annual meeting to up date parents - everyone is welcome to attend and we will let everyone know the date and time in advance. Please also always feel free to provide us with feedback, ideas and input - we also always need contributions to our blog and website